Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring Fever

It will certainly be good to see this again. Unfortunately, that's months away. Catches like the one shown here only happen a few times in the peak of the season, usually fall. This time of year, I can end up hauling traps for hours and only catch a few dozen lobsters. (There's been a couple of days this winter, that I've fished until dark, an not caught enough to pay for my bait and fuel!) Pretty discouraging, huh? Not much I can do about it though, except keep waiting for the lobsters. Thank goodness halibut season opens soon.

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~~~~~d~~~~ said...

That looks like some money in the bucket right there. Here's to
wishing for spring.




One day, Jacque and Pierre went moose hunting in the north Maine woods. After a large breakfast and several hours of hunting, Pierre developed a problem. Miles from camp and the trusty outhouse, he told Jacque his dilemma.
Jacque calmly told Pierre, "Just go over there behind those bushes, and do your 'business".
"But Jacque, I have no paper to wipe with!", said Pierre.
Jacque told him, "no problem Pierre, just take a dollar from your pocket and use that."
After some time, Pierre returns, and Jacque exclaims, "Pierre, your hands are covered in sh@# , what happened man?!!!"
"Oh Jaque, I had only four quarters!"