Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mammograms, breast cancer, support?

Yes. You are really seeing a post about breast cancer on my blog! So far on my site, if you have been frequenting it, you've found incites to my occupation, a few recipes and some humor. So why a serious topic like this now. Well my sister has been dealing with breast cancer for some time now. I am not here to tell her story, that would be for her to do. I guess you could say I have always been one to try to fix things if I could, and this is out of my realm. I can, however, continue to offer my love and support and prayers. As she had to have yet another surgery today, (and on her birthday too!), I found myself again wishing there was more that I could do. Well, I figured this post was the least I could do. I thought maybe acknowledgment of what she was dealing with might be somewhat comforting. While doing yet more online research, I realized that I might be able to help some others in some small way.

First, let me say that I
AM NOT an authority on this subject or any of the sites I wish to share with you. Use your own judgment and INFORM YOURSELF!

Now, with that out of the way, let me tell you what I have found. You can do a GOOGLE SEARCH using just the words...breast cancer, and you will get as much information as you could imagine. It may take you some time to sort through it all, but you might find something specific you are looking for. Below is just a sampling of what
I found.

Probably, the most information I found in one place was on the
National Cancer Institute's Breast Cancer Site. Here you will find tons of information. This is a .gov site and seems to be the most comprehensive site I found in my brief search. They even had a toll free line for questions about cancer(1-800-4-cancer) and they offer LiveHelp online chat. U.S. tax dollars well spent, take advantage.

Not to be confused with the previously mentioned site,
The National Breast Cancer Foundation, a .org site, has a lot of information in video format, as well as text. Could be helpful if you just don't feel up to doing much reading. This site has a very welcoming and "homey" feel to it. Another .org site that was welcoming was Breast Cancer Support, and it seemed to be easy to find your way around. They offered forums and a chat room to reach out to others. As the name implys, this should be a great place to find support.

Breast cancer can be a scary topic for us grownups, but what about for the children that know someone with it or just want to know more about it?
Kids Health-For Kids, yet another .org site, breaks down breast cancer at a kids level, and offers related articles and resources. It is geared to kids to help take away some of their fears and give them the knowledge to cope and understand it better. Parents I recommend this site for anything kid related, start here, where you can chose either the Parent, Kids, or Teen site. I liked it so well, I put a shortcut to it on my desktop.

Husbands and partners of breast cancer patients and survivors need support, too! I hadn't even thought of this until I came across this page on There appears to be a great deal of support here for them as well. As a husband or partner, you can probably find information here to help you understand, cope, and communicate with others.

I have not had to "deal" with breast cancer directly, but it has come close enough to me to make me aware of it, and to be more understanding of those have had to "deal" with it directly. I would like to those of you with it and effected by it, I sympathize for you, I support you, I pray for you, I respect you, and I wish you all of the best.

I truly hope that this post helps someone in some way. If you wish to comment, I would love to here from you. But, more importantly, my sister and others can read your comments here as well. If wish to make a comment privately, please feel free to e-mail me. My e-mail address is on the side bar.

Last, and most importantly...Welcome home Sis and Happy Birthday. I love you.


Brandi said...

Way to step up and try to make more people aware. I have found it is usually women that step up to this roll and it is nice to see men taking an active stance.

To your sister - I hope all goes well for you and, even though I don't know you, will be praying for you. Happy Birthday too!

celine said...

nice job. you really put some thought and research into it. Your sister is lucky to have a brother like you.
Hang in there . Sunny days are ahead.

Rose DesRochers said...

I will keep her in my prayers. A friend of mine was just diagnosed.

Single Mom Seeking said...

Just found you through Mike, Crazy Computer Dad... Thank you so much for this post. My family has been touched by breast cancer, too close. I really appreciate reading what a man -- and a father -- has to say. Thank you.



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