Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bonsoir mon cher amour!

I would just like to thank you for your friendship. I cannot tell you enough what your support means to me or how much I appreciate it. The best way for me to let you now is by reciprocating the consideration and caring you've blessed me with.
Merci mon ami!

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One day, Jacque and Pierre went moose hunting in the north Maine woods. After a large breakfast and several hours of hunting, Pierre developed a problem. Miles from camp and the trusty outhouse, he told Jacque his dilemma.
Jacque calmly told Pierre, "Just go over there behind those bushes, and do your 'business".
"But Jacque, I have no paper to wipe with!", said Pierre.
Jacque told him, "no problem Pierre, just take a dollar from your pocket and use that."
After some time, Pierre returns, and Jacque exclaims, "Pierre, your hands are covered in sh@# , what happened man?!!!"
"Oh Jaque, I had only four quarters!"