Friday, February 15, 2008

Listen Up Kids!

This is my first post on my first blog so don't get too excited. If you're reading this then I've done something right so far. I have a lot to learn about this so be patient and check back often because when I get the hang of this, East of Acadia will be the best darn web page you've seen. O.K.! I know, that was a bit much. Seriously though, as this site grows, I welcome your feedback.


Justin said...

hey nice website

Brady the Brat said...

I really like the premise of your site. I love lobster, unfortunately it turns out I'm allergic. I can eat crab and shrimp and even crayfish, but alas, no lobster for me.

I like your picture up top but the text in the sunset is a little hard to read. Maybe you can change the font size or color or maybe try making it bold? Not sure, I just had laser eye surgery done last month so it could just be me.

Very interesting blog!

cm said...

here for the first time. wanted to say hi.



One day, Jacque and Pierre went moose hunting in the north Maine woods. After a large breakfast and several hours of hunting, Pierre developed a problem. Miles from camp and the trusty outhouse, he told Jacque his dilemma.
Jacque calmly told Pierre, "Just go over there behind those bushes, and do your 'business".
"But Jacque, I have no paper to wipe with!", said Pierre.
Jacque told him, "no problem Pierre, just take a dollar from your pocket and use that."
After some time, Pierre returns, and Jacque exclaims, "Pierre, your hands are covered in sh@# , what happened man?!!!"
"Oh Jaque, I had only four quarters!"